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0001887SiT!incidentspublic2013-07-13 13:132013-07-14 21:55
0001887: [META] Store more metadata about updates on incidents
Currently we store alot of metadata about an incident as part of the body text, examples of this include:

* Status Changes (awaiting customer -> Active)
* Priority
* External / Escalation ID
* Email addresses on emails (to, cc, from, bcc etc)

Storing these it the bodytext makes it very difficult to add value to this information such change the way its displayed, hide certain info (e.g. bcc), chart the life of an incident, search for particular statues without full etxt searches

We should look at storing this metadata in a more structured and meaning full way.
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parent of 0000035confirmed  Status changes in body text 
parent of 0001805assigned ivan BCC email address stored in log 
parent of 0000811confirmed  report_incidents_by_skill.phpand report_incidents_by_engineer.php uses bodytext of "External ID" to determine escalation 
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definately. We've discussed this several times in the past, but somehow the daunting task of making the change has prevented us getting further than just talking about it.