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0001911SiT!schedulerpublic2014-01-17 14:472014-02-01 09:57
3.67 LTS 
0001911: Long running auto.php can lead to scheduler tasks being disabled
When the execution of auto.php takes more than 1 minute, another auto.php instance is executed by cron in parallel.
This can generates errors and disable some tasks.
For instance, the "tms_backup" generates an SQL dump, then compresses it.
When the compression takes in total more than 1 minute, another auto.php recreates the SQL dump, which replaces the first one, which in turn aborts the first compression.
The task gets disabled permanently by the scheduler and must be reactivated manually.
See description.
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duplicate of 0001408new  When job takes longer than time-to-next run of auto.php it's detected as missed 
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