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0000192SiT!schedulerpublic2008-10-23 17:532011-12-03 15:47
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0000192: Force option for scheduler
It would be useful in some circumstances, testing for one, to be able to force scheduled tasks to run even though they might have run recently and are not due to be run for a while yet.

A param to auto.php might be a good way to do this.
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2009-06-04 00:32   
would be nice to have auto.php when run in a browser window output something more than a blank screen, perhaps statistics to the user on success or fail or wait state of various functions.

I do notice that the error log file captures some of these. You have a blank canvas right now why not put something there? And in the cron job just pipe to >> /dev/nul

currently in the error log file
2009-06-03T14:57:01-07:00 /var/www/helpdesk/auto.php Found 0 Incidents to close
2009-06-03T14:57:01-07:00 /var/www/helpdesk/auto.php Purged 0 journal entries
2009-06-03T14:57:01-07:00 /var/www/helpdesk/auto.php Calculating SLA times

Thought I would attach here because you could display the state of forced run and the variable as well here.
2011-12-03 15:47   
fixed in e9c7958 & additional ae521bd