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0001951SiT!incidentspublic2014-07-18 19:192014-07-22 02:09
0001951: remove email to customer from update dropdown
This option should be removed as it confuses users and really has no place as emails are sent though the email page

This is a legacy option for when sit didn't have the ability to send emails, which was some time just before the last ice age
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2014-07-21 11:29   
This feature is still in use and does have a use case for email information obtained from outside the SiT! application. It's common to recieve information relating to an incident to a personal mailbox as well as the SiT! address.

Perhaps the wording could be better, but to be honest I can't think of better wording right now.

tl;dl: some discussion needed before we remove this one I think.
2014-07-22 02:09   
There are two options in this drop down "email from customer" and "email to customer" I'm only proposing the removing the latter as there are valid cases for the former but we shouldn't be allowing the latter