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0001976SiT!incidentspublic2016-01-20 17:582016-01-21 23:00
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3.67 LTS 
0001976: Unable to add incident
The New Incident code is unable to find/link contacts, so no new incidents can be added.
Start with a brand new fresh install from turnkey.
Add one site (Test Site) and one contact to that site (John Smith)
Support > Add Incident
No matter what you type in the contact search nothing is found.
Browse Contacts All shows nothing (or rather it shows A contacts or nothing if there are no A contacts).
Click over on S and you get Smith, John shown.
Click on "Add Incident" under the Action header beside the contact and you get the error :
"Sorry, unable to find any records matching Contact ID 1"
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2016-01-21 22:59   
you need to make a contract
see second video for properly configuring contacts, contracts and sites. [^]
2016-01-21 23:00   
No fix is neccessary.