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0000208SiT!schedulerpublic2008-11-04 20:512011-07-02 18:50
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0000208: Set user status based on holiday chart
Should have an scheduled task which sets the users status if there on holiday, ill etc based on the entry in the holiday calendar
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2008-11-04 21:11   
(edited on: 2008-11-04 21:27)
I'm pretty sure I wrote some code to do this, though it may not be being used at the moment.

saction_SetUserStatus() scheduler action does this, though at the present moment, I can't work out how to test if it's works without waiting a day.

2008-11-04 21:39   
Ahh didn't see that, should probably run it more often as you could be on half day, it would also be good if it picked up on people being set as ill (which will be added though during the day)
2009-05-27 21:50   
This is still a problem it doesn't seem to work in all cases.

It didn't set MC away ysterday - suspect this could be due to the bank holiday on Monday?

It doesn't set you back in the office
2009-05-27 22:03   
Might be worth setting up an error log on that system and see if there's any errors occuring?
2011-07-02 18:50   
Fixed in Git 238b763.

It's not possible to set people back in the office after a holiday, that should be always be a manual task, otherwise the system will break the ability to set your status to be on holiday or on a training course manually if you didn't pre-book it.