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0000235Project pluginTaskspublic2008-11-16 19:372013-02-03 15:36
0000235: Should have a skill for a task
Would aid suggestion of consultant e.g. skill linux can pick consultant skilled in Linux
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parent of 0000329acknowledged  Identification is site has project job about a skill on incidents 
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2009-12-03 20:24   
Agree (well I would)
2009-12-04 10:47   
What does this mean exactly? Can you expand the description a bit? thanks
2009-12-04 19:10   
What I mean is that when you add a task to a job in ProjectPlugin you set the skill so we can suggest a suitable engineer

Say you have a Job named "Infrastructure Upgrade" you would have some tasks say:

Install new servers
Setup clustering
Migrate GroupWise
Project Management

each of these would have a skill assigned e.g.:

Install new servers - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
Setup clustering - Novell Cluster Services
Test - Tester
Migrate GroupWise - GroupWise
Project Management - Project Management
Documentation - Technical Author

This way we can make a suggestion that EngineerA should be assigned to the "Install new servers" task as he has skills in that and "EngineerB" should be assigned to clustering and GroupWise as he has skills in those.

Hope this makes sense
2013-02-03 15:36   
Changing to acknowledged, this plugin isn't maintained anymore though these are all useful additions