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0000254SiT!inbound emailpublic2008-11-27 10:072009-08-16 14:38
0000254: Special international characters in email is shown as ?
Looking at the Dashboard view the subject that should contain "ÆØÅ" is represented as ???

Opening the mail in the popup window shows the correct ÆØÅ, but the same text from the body is shown as ???

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related to 0000548closed  Importing emails with special characters fails to import correctly 
related to 0000270closed ivan Accented characters truncate inbound email body 
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2008-11-27 10:12   
I knew this would come up at some point, we don't currently honour the charset that is set in the email, we use whatever SiT is set to without any conversion.

Could you help us by saving one of your emails and attaching it? Please use a test email and strip out any confidential information (like addresses) first.

2009-03-29 12:09   
This doesn't appear to be an issue any more (at svn r5290) but we could use some testing with various character encodings just to make sure.
2009-04-02 14:24   
[14:11] <Nicdev007> ericthefish: GOOD NEWS
[14:11] <Nicdev007> found the problem
[14:12] <Nicdev007> ericand parly solved it!!
[14:13] <Nicdev007> In the inboundemail.php script
[14:15] <ericthefish> hi Nicdev007
[14:15] <ericthefish> woo, really? what is it?
[14:15] <Nicdev007> good news
[14:15] <Nicdev007> ok i have spent about 2 hours rewriting this and then stumbled upon it
[14:16] <Nicdev007> in the inbound script we do this: $message = mb_convert_encoding($message, "UTF-8", strtoupper($results['Encoding']));
[14:16] <Nicdev007> but we do not do the same for $headertext
[14:17] <ericthefish> oh no, really?
[14:17] <ericthefish> your right
[14:17] <Nicdev007> so if the encoding is iso-8559-1 then the script puts the é in the db or tries to
[14:18] <Nicdev007> and does the same for "subject" in the opther db
[14:18] <Nicdev007> it writes'bodytext' and 'subject' directly to db
[14:18] <Nicdev007> or to the >2 databases
[14:19] <Nicdev007> :-D
[14:19] <Nicdev007> Wooaaa
[14:19] <Nicdev007> that was the logest i have ever looked for a bug ;-)
[14:20] <ericthefish> yeah I understand now, thanks!
[14:20] <ericthefish> wow I didn't spot that one
[14:21] <Nicdev007> yeah just checked it was the same for 3.41 thats why both are playing up on my end.. and you cannot reproduce it unless the content type is a strange one..
[14:21] <Nicdev007> pleasure .. now i feel useful!
2009-04-02 17:12   
This is resolved now as of svn trunk r5309
2009-08-16 14:38   
Released in 3.50rc1