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0000286SiT!inbound emailpublic2008-12-03 20:122013-02-03 15:04
0000286: When creating an incident from an email, to pull in the cc and email fields
When we create an incident from an email, it would be more efficient to have the email and cc fields pulled into the case automatically if the customer is not known..
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2009-04-22 16:59   
I'm not sure about this, the CC field is supposed to be a feature for the engineer to decide to copy in somebody of his choosing. If we auto-fill that field it may be possible for customers to 'game the system' somewhat.

I've assigned this to me anyway, I'll have a look into it while working on the inbox etc. I'm sure we can make it a bit more intelligent in any case.
2013-02-03 15:04   
Discussed with Ivan, we believe the cc field should be shown in the incident add page with the field pre-filled though up to the incident logger to confirm