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0000309SiT!incidentspublic2008-12-10 11:412009-03-12 11:22
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0000309: Creating a contact, while adding an incident from incoming email, loses email
Creating a contact, while in the process of adding an incident from incoming email, loses email when you are returned to the add incident form.
* Start the process of creating an incident from an incoming email in the holding queue.

* Click the link to add a new contact

* Get returned back to the add incident page

* Notice that the email has gone missing from the add incident form
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related to 0000279closed ivan Creating a new user from the add-incident page returns back to wrong page 
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2008-12-10 11:42   
We should probably pass the tempincoming ID when we jump over to the add contract page, but this needs some thought.
2009-03-05 13:50   
I think we fixed this for 3.45, can you confirm?
2009-03-05 14:02   
Hi Ivan,

It still does not work ;-)