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0000341SiT!setup/configpublic2008-12-17 17:172009-02-27 16:28
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0000341: Register globals error should be fatal
Application Error [256]
Error: php.ini MUST have register_globals set to off, there are potential security risks involved with leaving it as it is! in /home/t60/public_html/sit/includes/ @ line 11058
If you leave register globals ON and run sit you get a stern warning at the top of the screen, but sit still carries on. We should make sure SiT exits and dies in this case.
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2008-12-17 17:17ivanNew Issue
2008-12-17 17:17ivanStatusnew => assigned
2008-12-17 17:17ivanAssigned To => ivan
2008-12-19 11:16ivanStatusassigned => resolved
2008-12-19 11:16ivanResolutionopen => fixed
2008-12-19 11:16ivanFixed in Version => 3.45
2009-02-27 16:28ivanStatusresolved => closed

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