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0000352SiT!outbound emailpublic2008-12-24 11:172013-01-05 15:57
0000352: Forward attachments already in SIT
When sending a email from SIT and you want to attach a file you already have it SIT (say from an escalation or similar) and you want to send this to the customer you currently have to download the attachment and then send then send this has two problems:

1) Added time in downloading and uploading
2) Each file is stored twice inside SIT consuming disk space

When composing an email you should be able to select add file from incident and browse to the one you want.

As we're now using the db for files then it should be possible now.
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2008-12-24 23:31   
There is some code already (current unused) for selecting files on the files tab to perform some action with them. Maybe "send via email" could be one of those actions.
2008-12-28 13:04   
Was also thinking that on the email page you could have browse for attachment from incident AS WELL as the current browse for file on disk. It would be appropriate to do this at the same time sending multiple attachments (3.50) as that page will need changing then
2011-07-05 12:15   
I'd like to bump this to v4.0 unless work has started on it already, this will help us meet our target dates for 3.90 release.