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0000368SiT!otherpublic2009-01-06 20:432009-02-27 16:27
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0000368: Write trigger_errors to disk
We should really write any errors which trigger_error displays to a longer file as this will allow us to:

a) identify problems which are not reported
b) Resolve problems which people see though dont have write down the error

Perhaps use $CONFIG['error_logfile']
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2009-01-06 20:59   
Already implemented in trunk svn r4587.
set $CONFIG['DEBUG'] = TRUE and your error_logfile path to a writable file.
2009-01-06 21:31   
Ivan, I think this should run all the time not only when you have debug mode on.

My reasoning is that we regularly get reports of an error on our live system though the end user dont record the error they have and the page redirects before I can get over and have a look. Theres two outstanding bugs which we cant managed to reproduce (errors on update and error on approving billable incidents)
2009-01-06 21:42   
ok, I'm up for that.

I'll make the change later unless you want to dive in. ;)
2009-01-07 10:24   
Resolved in trunk svn r4595