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0000037SiT!incidentspublic2008-07-11 16:192008-07-12 11:22
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0000037: Regular contact days is flawed
If you set $CONFIG['regular_contact_days'] to 7 days, incidents will pop
back into the active queue after more than 7 days since the last update.

Sometimes however, incidents get updated without contact with the customer,
for example by messages indicating an incident has been passed to a
temporary owner while the original owner is away. This causes the timer to
be reset and incident will not then pop up into the active queue until 7
days have passed since the reassignment.

This is far from ideal. The incident should really be shown in the active
queue 7 days from the last contact with the customer, not 7 days from any
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related to 0001462closed ivan Incidents goes to waiting queue after update 
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