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0000388SiT!noticespublic2009-01-10 12:052009-02-27 16:27
0000388: Incident assignment notices dont work if your in a subdir of htdocs
If your in a sub directory of htdocs (say reports) then the links in incident assignment notices dont work as their relative
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2009-01-10 12:39   
Confirming, the js function uses a relative path. The .js file needs to use the config var for the full path, no idea how though.
2009-01-11 11:36   
Can somebody post steps to reproduce? I'm not sure what isn't working exactly with this.

Theres a variable in javascript called


which we can use for path, it's created by sit.js.php which gets it from the config file.
2009-01-11 11:56   
Steps to reproduce.

1) Create a new incident in SIT
2) Assign it to yourself
3) (Confirm you have a notice about this assignment)
4) Go to any reports say reports/site_incidents.php
5) Click the view incidents link in the notice and it takes you to /sit/reports/incident_details.php which gives a 404

It seems the function incident_details_window in webtrack.js needs to use the application_webpath variable which its not
2009-01-11 15:15   
Hopefully fixed by trunk r4628. Please confirm. thx
2009-01-11 16:11   
Cheers Ivan, can confirm this resolves this issue