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0000409SiT!incidentspublic2009-01-16 11:132010-02-21 21:55
0000409: Adding a "tickbox" to redirect to close incident page after email
It would be very useful to have a tickbox or even dropdown in the page just before sending an email to the client (where you select the SLA and new status) to redirect directly to the "close incident" page. A majority of our case do not follow all the SLA steps thus we often go immediately to "resolution/" from the new incident. We send a mail that is also the first reponse, but after that we certainly go to close it.
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2009-11-06 10:34   
This one was logged a long time ago and in fact was solved, by adding the plugin context "incident_email_form1" and "incident_email_form2". I can now with a plugin add the tickbox.

Now the second issue...

The redirect.

I need to add another plugin context before the redirect so we can redirect directly to the "incdent_close" script when the newly added tickbox is selected .. but ther edirect is Javascript si i am not sure how to proceed..

Ivan? Your inputs?
2010-02-21 21:55   
This is no longer an issue as i found a way around the JS and it is working fine