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0000430SiT!portalpublic2009-01-24 08:562009-02-27 16:27
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0000430: contracts.php viewable without auth
For some reason contracts.php is viewable without being logged in. Obviously you can't do anything on the page with no session but it should prompt for a login like the other pages.
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2009-01-24 10:28   
Also sitedetails.php is the same

Would appear to be anything with a accesslevel of admin appears to be the problem around line 24 we have

elseif ($accesslevel == 'admin' AND $_SESSION['usertype'] != 'admin')

Which is matching which gives the strPermissionDenied

We need to check as well if the session has been created in this case as well
2009-01-24 10:36   
trunk r4712 resolves this, check we have a session as well