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0000049SiT!otherpublic2008-07-11 17:292012-02-11 16:59
3.90beta1Current GIT 
0000049: Custom incident reference
Currently the incident number in square brackets is used in emails to
identify which incident emails are destined for.

We should allow this to be customised, for example by adding a prefix


or by changing the delimiters perhaps


Or some other schema.

As it is there is potential for two installations of SiT to get upset if
they send emails to one another.
related to 0000204closed  Add support for YYMMDDX incident numbers 
related to 0001328resolved ivan Inbound email limited to recognise only up to incident # 99999 
child of 0000010assigned ivan [META] Basic Escalations 
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2008-11-03 15:44   
I agree, and our engineers team said the same, that the date in the incident number is very useful. I have seen this implemented somewhere ... but i cannot find it right now..
2009-04-16 17:10   
Bumping this to 3.50 as there is now a greater possibility that two installations of SiT may talk to each other soon... which could go rather badly due to clashing incident numbers.
2012-01-11 13:06   
Hi All,

Update to this issue for an event that happened 11/01/2012:

One of our customers uses SiT! and when he sent us a service request, we created his incident from his email (let's say as incident "[5234] Please help me solve my problem").
Our reply was obviously logged in their SiT install and given it's own incident number (Let's say "[5136] [5234] Please help me solve my problem").
When he replied to our initial email, his reply update went into incident 5136 instead of incident 5234. The contact required an urgent response and phoned one hour later quite upset that we had not responded to his incident update (the user that has his incident (5234) is not the same user that owns incident 5136!!
The user was obviously not responsible for this error ...

Apart from this scenario I think other possibilities of errors exist ...
2012-02-11 16:59   
as of ab895a8183b5185cd89f88acb0e95d9f0131551d this is now complete, you can specify a prefix and define what characters enclose the incident number