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0000523SiT!outbound emailpublic2009-02-23 09:392009-02-27 16:25
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0000523: Outbound email appears as blank when rx'd in some clients
Some email clients apparently receive our sent email as a blank message.
Groupwise is one email client that doesn't read the emails properly.
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related to 0000521closed ivan Outbound email requires php imap extension 
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2009-02-23 09:53   
The mime sending class we're using is peculiar. If you don't attach anything the mail is not sent as a mime message. If you create a text mime section it is not sent as inline disposition so some mail clients don't display it. If you set bodytext AND add a text section the class does both which is confusing.
2009-02-26 10:15   
This appears fixed in trunk at svn r5201.