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0000538SiT!setup/configpublic2009-03-02 18:482013-02-09 19:29
3.90beta1Current GIT 
0000538: setup.php crashes if db user does not have ALTER privilege
I just wanted to upgrade to 3.45. I did everything as described here: [^]

But I had a little problem. When I was running the DB upgrade script I got about 15 messages that the db user does not have ALTER privileges. My problem now is that I can not run the script again because setup.php thinks this version is already 3.45. But it is not (fully).
So I have the following ideas:

1) Check first if the user has the necessary privileges. Else give an error message before you do the upgrade.

2) If anything fails give the possibility to correct something and the let the administrator retry the failed commands.

3) Write in your documentation what privileges the db user exactly needs.
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has duplicate 0001603closed  Setup page should have the possibility to use root user who creates the db user and grants access 
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2009-03-04 15:35   
You can correct this problem by dropping your database and running setup again,

or if this is an upgrade you can alter the 'system' table manually and change the version number to the version you are upgrading from and then run setup again.

You're right though, we should try better. We should probably ask for a root or admin MySQL user during setup to create the schema with.
2009-03-04 16:28   
Thanks, But I could solve the problem in a different way. I was looking at setup-schema.php (or whatever the exact name of the file was) and I copied the ALTER statements out and ran them with my root account.

It is working fine now. I just wanted to let you know and help you making the installation process more fool prove.
2009-03-04 17:04   
Yeah, thanks for logging it, it definitely is something we should look at for the next release.

Keep the good ideas coming... :-)
2009-07-25 14:46   
Setup doesn't crash any more, but it doesn't offer the ability to install using different db credentials than the ones you intend to run as. We should look at that for a future release, but for now the workaround is to install using credential suitable for schema creation and then to manually edit your config file to use lesser credentials if required.
2013-01-06 12:24   
4e25f83 now checks the permissions and informs the user what is missing
2013-02-09 19:29   
documentation no updated as well.