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0000551: Some ideas for better HTML code
I was looking a little on the HTML code. And I found some stuff that could be done better (in my opinion).

<div id='masthead'><h1 id='apptitle'><span>SIT Support Center</span></h1></div>

- Why is here a span-tag within the h1? It doesn't make sense to me to have an inline tag within a block-level tag like this.
- From a semantical/logical point if view the h1 is the book title (or in this case the application name). Why do you still need the ID for this?

<div id='mainframe'><div style='margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; width: 380px; text-align: center; margin-top: 3em;'>

It would be better if all this style parameters are moved into the CSS files. Then it could be changed by others.

<div class='windowbox' style='width: 220px;'>
<div class='windowtitle'>HSC - Login</div>

- When I am moving the cursor over the windowtitle it changes into a "clickable-cursor". But there is nothing I could click on. Maybe the CSS file has to be changed.
- The style should be moved to the CSS file.
- And I would recommend you to use the h2 tag instead of div.windowtitle. h2 is a block element too and it describes semantically better what this is (a second level title).

<label for='username'>Username:
<input id='username' name='username' size='28' type='text' /></label>

This is for several reasons not that good.
- If you are using the for-attribute within the label tag then you do not need to end the label after the input-tag. This is only needed if you do not use the for-attribute.
- Then you could remove the br-tag as well and make with a CSS entry a break after the label.
- In general I would recommend you to design the forms like described here: [^]

I understand if you do not want to use all my ideas. I just want to give hints what could be made better.
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2009-03-04 18:09   

I agree with everything you say there, Most of the issues you point out are due to either lazyness or just that the code hasn't changed since the rather sloppy HTML of the very first version of SiT. We do have an issue raised already to remind us to move the inline CSS into the .css file, it's just one of a million things to do I suppose.

I've assigned this to me and I'll try and take a look before 3.5 is released, especially since 3.5 is focussed on usability/accessibility.

Since you seem so knowledgeable about these things do you fancy diving in and helping change some of them? see [^]

no pressure ;)
2009-03-29 23:27   
As soon as I find some time to work on it I will help you out. But in the next 3 weeks I am fully packed with other stuff.

I have here a new update for the German language file. And I am still trying to find some time to update some more strings.

I let you know when I have some updates for it.
2011-06-15 17:28   
Most, if not all of these are fixed in Git now. Thanks again modir.