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0000568SiT!triggerspublic2009-03-11 17:432011-02-14 13:18
3.90beta1Current GIT 
0000568: Add trigger when an incident changes status
Would be nice to have a trigger that fires when an incident changes status back to "active"
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duplicate of 0001261confirmed  Missing templates and triggers for 4.0 
child of 0001089confirmed  [META] triggers revamp 
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2009-03-11 19:09   
The way to do this would be to have a trigger on status change and use the rule to specify to fire when the new status is active.
2009-03-12 11:08   
This might not be as easy as it sounds to implement because knowing whether the status has changed means knowing the current status, something that we don't always know at the time of writing new status.

That, coupled with the fact that there are a lot of places where status could change makes it a little more work than you'd think. e.g. Update incident, send email, incoming email, portal etc.

Definately one we should look into adding though, I can see it could be very useful.
2009-06-13 09:57   
I guess the best way to do this is to have a function to change incident status, we get away from having the same code all over the place plus for instances like this it makes it easy to add code.
2010-04-12 13:10   
That would mean the function would need to read the current status and then write the new status. That seems quite expensive?