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0000006SiT!inbound emailpublic2008-07-11 14:582008-11-21 17:27
0000006: Inbound emails w/o incident no store attachments incorrectly
Originally reported by marsbard.

When an email is received via the inboundemail.php script and has an
attachment the attachment is stored incorrectly. For example, an inbound
email with an attachment is assigned to an existing incident. When viewing
the incident and clicking on the attachment, the following error message is
shown: "The requested URL
/attachments/updates/2317/apto_2008-05-13_01h01m.Tuesday.sql.gz was not
found on this server.", however the attachment is to be found in

In the first path the number 2317 is the database id of the update. In the
second path the number 1210637177 appears to be the unix time of arrival of
the email.
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