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0000604SiT!portalpublic2009-03-25 14:582010-03-27 12:30
3.60 LTS3.60 LTS 
0000604: Customer contact creating incident on portal against contract with limited incident pool not being charged to contract
Sorry for the long title... wasn't sure how to shorten it and still make sense. ;-)

The scenario is this:
Customer contact logs into portal and creates an incident. They are able to choose a contract with a limited pool on incidents and create the incident against it. However, the incident is never charged against the pool, so the number of available incidents does not decrease.

I also tried logging in as a user and tried to figure out a way to get the incidents to charge to the pool, but couldn't find a way.
The workaround I am using for this is to open a separate incident, logged in as a user, against the contract, which DOES charge to the pool, and then relate the new incident to the original that the customer contact opened (providing a round about history).
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Hi Tim, Thanks for reporting this, sorry it took so long to get around to checking it out!!! I've just tried this with v3.51 and I can confirm that it's still an issue.
2010-03-02 18:01   
Reported in forums [^]
2010-03-05 19:51   
svn 3.x r6197 resolves and [^] in sit resolve this