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0000634SiT!authenticationpublic2009-04-07 12:142011-03-27 17:19
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0000634: LDAP setup - Feature request
When setting up LDAP, alot of different choices is available, and alot of error sources can occur.

A suggestion to how to eliminate most user created errors because of wrong syntax:

Having made the initial username/password/hostname-ip for binding to the LDAP tree.
(you should here be able to save and make a connection test)

en "explorer" comes up and the user selects which groups are needed for use to SiT.
By doing this SiT is premade to fx use "cn=" for Active Directory built-in containers where normally they should be "ou=".

Another possibility would be to seach the whole tree for groups and then be able to select them in pulldown menus, but this can be a pain in large corporative networks.

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2009-07-12 15:35   
Alot of the config options have now been removed though you still have to manually enter the full DN of groups etc, I agree that having a browser for this would be very useful, just not sure how to implement
2009-07-22 11:37   
A browser could also be very slow on an AD that has alot of objects.

Perhaps this could be implemented in 4.x.

If we document, setting up the LDAP for 3.x, well enough. people might be content with this until then. ?
2009-07-22 12:05   
The problem we have with AD is that by default you can't list more than 1000 objects in a search and the native PHP ldap doesn't seem to support paging.

The main problem here is implementing the browser as its quite a large piece of work, though given that you've managed to enter the full DN of the admin its probably not a major issue to reenter this for groups (copy/paste), we could always add a validator for the group
2009-08-13 16:39   
A validation of all settings is a good idea..

this could perhaps be added for 3.60 ?
2009-08-13 19:06   
Will try and add a validator for 3.60
2010-02-27 19:44   
Validation added to 4.0 ( [^]) we check groups, base and user details
2011-02-10 20:09   
ldap browser merged in to git today
2011-03-27 17:19   
git 3b7a9c3 completes