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0000645SiT!otherpublic2009-04-15 10:502009-08-16 14:40
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0000645: Draft error with long email
A particularly long email was written and this caused an error relating to drafts:

2009-04-15T10:34:46+01:00 /webtrack/incident_email.php Application Error [256] You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server versio
n for the right syntax to use near '\r\n\r\n414 Request-URI Too Large\r\n\r\nRequest-URI Too Large\r\nThe requested ' at line 1 (in line 852 of file /var/webtrack/incident_email.p

The dump below the error showed that draftid was set to an error message instead of a number:

           [draftid] =>

414 Request-URI Too Large

Request-URI Too Large
The requested URL's length exceeds the capacity
limit for this server.
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2009-04-17 19:44   
Cheers Ivan, we're using GET need to change this to POST [^] covers this
2009-04-18 12:30   
Hi Ivan, I belive trunk.r5331 resolves ths by switching from GET to POST, it does still suffer from a problem with MASSIVE emails though thats due to the max size of post data which isn't something we can really get around short of sending small chunks of data and then reassembling them server side which I don't think is worth it at the moment as you'd have to send a very long email of which SiT! would then fail to send as well.
2009-04-18 13:03   
Cool, thanks. Do you know what size fails? I would imagine it's pretty damn big?
2009-04-18 13:17   
It fails at 64k
2009-04-20 11:23   
svn trunk r5331 by paul fixes this for me. marked resolved. Doubt we'll get people writing more than 64kb of email in one go and if they do... well they should feel sorry for the addressee having to read all that and perhaps consider splitting their message into two or more separate emails.
2009-08-16 14:40   
Released in 3.50rc1