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0000665SiT!configpublic2009-04-26 22:342011-07-02 23:47
0000665: pre made templates for system --> localization in config.php
A feature request for adding templated localization info.
Choosing eg Denmark
changes php time format to G:i = 24h (instead of g:ia 12h am/pm)
Date format to dd/mm-YY (instead of dd/mm/YY)

posibility to save these settings pr user when they have been modified
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2009-04-26 22:34TomseNew Issue
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2009-04-26 22:35TomseSummarypre made templates for system --> localization => pre made templates for system --> localization in config.php
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2009-04-27 11:44   
We should make it so that i18n files can specify date localisation defaults (and other localisation if any is needed, currency?)

It's a good idea to make this user configurable as well, the user config is getting some reworking soon so we can make this part of that.
2011-07-02 23:47   
this also counts values.. i.e. £50,000.00 Kr.50.000,00
da uses , for <1/10 and . as a 1000 separator