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0000670SiT!incidentspublic2009-04-28 15:572015-05-09 15:04
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0000670: Temp owner not reset when incident is closed/reopened
We had some older cases (probable still during 3.41) that were closed, but the temp owner flag was not reset by the system, and thus today when we re-opened the incident, the incident owner and tempowner got the notification... maybe when a case gets closed, the tempowner flag should be cleared automatically to avoid such issues.
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related to 0000669confirmed  Temporary assignment of incidents not retried when user back from holiday 
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2009-05-14 20:04   
As for current SVN we don't strip incidents.towner on either closure or reopen, I'm tempted to suggest that we shouldn't be doing this on closure and on reopen we should strip both owner and towner an request reassignment (defaulting to last assigned owner)

The reason behind this is we could potentially reopen a call that was owned by a user who is disabled and the call could potentially be lost
2015-05-09 15:04   
37d53b3 clears owner/towner and prompts to reassign