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0000740SiT!otherpublic2009-06-17 19:382009-06-27 09:19
0000740: Test drive/downloadable image
Would be good if we could offer a downloadable image of SiT which is fully configured.

This would allow people to try out sit without having to install mysql/a webserver/SiT etc

VMWare would probably be the best format given most people either have this or can download the VMWare player rather than going for a more niche offering which less people would have.

I'd envisage the image would be between 1G and 2G compressed, do we have anywhere we can host such a file?
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2009-06-17 20:03   
Don't vmware themselves host these things? [^] ?

I dunno, just askin'
2009-06-17 20:08   
There's always: [^]
2009-06-17 20:26   
The vmware appliances site is just a directory of images which are hosted else where, ideally we'd want to be listed there.

As for turnkeylinux from what I can tell its a prebuilt image which we could put SiT! on? Which would be useful though we'd need somewhere to host it wouldn't we?
2009-06-27 09:19   
Confirming this, so long as somebody has time to do it, don't think I do