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0000742SiT!incidentspublic2009-06-18 09:222011-05-06 20:00
3.90beta1Current GIT 
0000742: Consolidate SLA updates and their text
As commited and reverted in 3.50, we should consolidate the SLA updates and their text. This breaks the service tab and possibly some reports.
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related to 0000035confirmed  Status changes in body text 
related to 0001160assigned ivan 2 strings that are supposed to be the same are not 
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2011-04-18 20:34   
As of 1a810ee895c937780de6969933e53de99b4b47ac the unified updates have been merged into sit

We still keep a separate update for reviewmet which seems sensible.

From my testing new and existing incidents work though would benefit from testing/comments from others. Especially around how we display that this is a SLA reaching update
2011-05-06 20:00   
Marking as resolved, any one spot any bugs/issues/improvements please let me know