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0000750SiT!billingpublic2009-06-27 11:592013-07-06 16:44
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0000750: Confusing billing terminology
When setting up a new contract, there's the following:

Incident Rate Required
Free of Charge Above must be completed to allow deductions

It's not completely clear why the Amount differs from the incident rate, or why it's not required. Additionally, the free of charge thing is confusing, what must be completed and why?
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2009-07-11 15:49   
I agree this is confusing, I tried to look at this but I can't understand it either. :-/
2009-07-12 14:54   
These only appear on contracts with a service level which is marked as timed.

Amount means the amount of money which you are crediting to the contract (i.e. the amount of money on the initial service of that contract)

Unit Rate/Incident rate is the amount that is charged per unit or incident

Free of Charge is whether the customer has paid for this or you are giving it to them for free (so these can be included/excluded from reports).

Even though you might mark it as free of charge you still need to put in an amount and a unit/incident rate as otherwise the service is never used up.

Hope this make sense
2013-05-05 17:44   
8b61be4 adds help options for these items