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0000781SiT!inventorypublic2009-07-16 17:042010-03-27 12:31
3.60 LTS3.60 LTS 
0000781: Some bugs in inventory and some suggestions
1) checkbox 'Active' in inventory unit does not work properly
2) The owner of inventory unit not always shown

it will be better if:
1) we can add attachments for inventory units (for example photo, or manual)
2) we can use 2 date fields: date start using unit (fo example date of installation of sowtware or hardware) and date expire (for example date of software expiration). both fields with comments
3) the Notes field will be larger
4) may be there might be field 'reseller'? (who sold this unit to customer)
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duplicate of 0001175acknowledged  Add reseller to inventory item 
parent of 0000782acknowledged  attachments for inventory units 
related to 0001174acknowledged  Start/End date on inventory items 
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2009-07-16 17:30   
I've added a separate feature request for the attachments.

Regarding the date fields and the reseller fields you have requested, do contracts not provide what you are needing here?

Perhaps you could explain a bit more why you need that? I.e. what are you using SiT! for in this case?
2009-07-16 18:17   
we are it outsourcing company.

contracts are using to manage it support contracts with clients, aren't they?

and i told about inventory unit fields. we have a data base of client's computers, that we serve.
date fields whis comments - just to know when every computer or software of client starts to use and when expires.
reseller field - to know where client bought every software and hardware
2009-07-16 21:16   
Thanks, I understand better what you need now.
2010-03-21 16:29   

The active saving issue has been fixed in r6320 and c8ee34b

I've opened new requests (1174 and 1175) for start/end dates and vendors o inventory items to keep one issue per request