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0000827SiT!i18npublic2009-07-29 16:172013-07-06 17:58
0000827: Translation page should be paginated
the translation page is growing quite large, and FF3.50 is quite slow when working with this page.

It should be paginated
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2009-07-29 19:20   
Not sure about paging in this instance, what about tabing? Perhaps by the first letter after the str of the variable?

It would also be useful if less than a certain percentage isn't translated show these untranslated words on the first tab rather than having to browse through them all?
2009-07-29 20:20   
Paging by letter sounds more useful than a fixed limit per page initially, but some letters have far more strings than others. So maybe a mixture of letter navigation and fixed length pages is the answer. Either way we def. need to split that page up, it's HUGE. :-)
2009-08-04 17:56   
Tomse got...

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\translate.php on line 261

...with this page now, it really is too big!
2009-08-04 19:00   
I guess it depends on the OS, hardware etc.
when I got the error I used a laptop with windows on it.

using my freebsd server went quite smooth.
2010-03-16 13:54   
Just as a side note: What would help me even more would be a page with untranslated strings. Or if I could select "all strings" or "only untranslated".
2010-03-16 15:47   
there must be option 'show all on one page' - it helps to search strings on page.
2010-03-16 15:55   
(edited on: 2010-03-16 15:58)
modir, if you are far in the translations and are missing some..
du a search in the browser (usually ctrl-f) and search for * this will help you find the strings that are missing.

I can recommend reading my little post here if you haven't done already: [^]

hope this can help you at the moment.

2010-03-16 16:22   
I'm having a look into this one since it's obviously causing a few problems for our much loved translators. I'll see what I can do.
2010-03-16 16:43   
Tomse, No I have not seen this forum post yet. Your post in the forum does "only" solve my problem, but not the problem this feature request is about.

With the note I added to this feature request I wanted to address several problems:

1) Too much information on one page.
2) Too long loading time.
3) Helping the translator to quickly translate some untranslated string (e.g. I often translate about 10 strings whenever I log into SIT. This doesn't take a lot of my time but still helps the project)

(I know that I am mixing here my request with "pagination/tabbing". But I wanted to give another view on problems users have with this functionality of the software. I am well aware that core developers are maybe more in the need for pagination because they are using the translation-functionality in a different way.)
2010-03-16 17:05   
I'm working on the ability to show just untranslated strings or all strings. Once I've got that working I can make it display at most a certain number (say 25) strings on a single page and let you navigate backwards and forwards through the pages.

This is targeted for v4.0 but I'm very tempted to backport it to 3.60 once it's working since it's something that's obviously needed and it shouldn't affect anything else.
2010-03-16 17:19   

I agree, and I know what you are up against,
this is also why I added this bug report, in the first place.

I'm very pleased with ericthefish finding the time to implement the pagination into 3.60 there are alot of things still needed to be done for 3.60.
So I really aprecitate the time you give us ericthefish!.
2013-01-05 16:50   
Changing status to 'Assigned' not sure why it was marked for feedback. Tomse if you want to bump this please do.
2013-04-17 16:48   
Look for a workaround for this as we may not have time to fix for 3.90. Perhaps chrome browser?
2013-05-04 14:45   
An idea is to split up the translation sections into alphabetic sorting based on the string names

$strActive = A

$strBilling = B

this way the translation can have

A B C D ..... links in the top of the page

and since we use the string names we'd be limited to A-Z
2013-07-06 17:58   
We agree this is a useful feature though is a significant amount of work and Chrome works successfully