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0000830SiT!reportspublic2009-07-29 19:592009-07-31 12:44
0000830: Chart updates, emails etc
It would be really nice to have a graph of:

Number of Open Incidents
Number of Opened incidents (per day)
Number of Closed incidents (per day)

I think having this filterable as all users and per user would be quite useful.

The all users view would give a different (perhaps easier to follow) view of the statistics page (rather than that large table of numbers)

This might want to be restricted to managers though?
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2009-07-29 21:58   
I don't see any advantage of restricting a graph to managers only. tbh. Tabular data perhaps I can see a point, but graphs are well graphs.

I like the idea of this chart though, did we ever decide on something for producing charts? don't think we did.
2009-07-31 12:44   
I was also thinking that you could see other peoples graphs which some organisations might not wish every one to see.

This is one of the cases where it would be good to have the installlation choose the permission, either view reports or view management reports depending on the organisations policys/way of working