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0000883SiT!portalpublic2009-08-17 16:032014-03-08 14:03
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0000883: Portal users can't see about page, credits or license
I think portal users should be able to see the about page, or at least a version of it, it's important the people know this is a GPL application.
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2009-12-03 19:34   
I'm in two minds about this, especially letting people know the version as alot of organisations don't wish to give away two many details as it opens then up to potential vulnerabilities.

Perhaps if we have this there should be a config option to prevent it?
2009-12-04 10:31   
It was the license and information about what software is included in SiT! and credits that I was most keen to display. The version number isn't terribly important to portal users really.

I agree an option could be created for this. My feeling is that we should show an about page, but not show version number unless the option is checked (off by default).

Confirming this myself (bad practice, but paul was doing it first :p) hehe
2014-03-08 14:03   
fixed in git