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0000914SiT!setup/configpublic2009-08-27 20:062009-09-07 20:26
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0000914: enhancement to contacts
Add ability to assign multiple email addresses to a single contact.
Some companies use aliases and end up having multiple email addresses. This occurs a lot when companies get bought. IT would be nice to be able to assign multiple email addresses for a single contact so that you don't have to manually create tickets each time an email comes in.
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2009-08-28 15:30   
Thanks for the idea, I can see how it could be useful to have several addresses. This is something we'll have to think about though because it obviously involves changing the database structure somewhat.
2009-09-07 09:24   
Hi Ivan,

Just a note, that we have found the same need, as sometimes a tech support guy may send from his email address and sometimes he sends from a grouped address, the problem here however is that we may have 2 techs at the same site, that send from both their individual private emails and the same techsupport common address...

Not sure in this case if it will resolve things as you can have 2 contacts with the same address ... which can mess up the "recognition" of contacts by email address .. e.g. in the inboundemail script..

So i think if this is done we will need to look at changing all the "recognition" code to look for names/surname -> soundlike instead of looking at just the email address.

2009-09-07 19:21   
Whilst adding the concept of aliases/secondary address would be useful for contact identification we need to keep the concept of a primary address which emails go to otherwise we'd spend ages trying to figure out which the correct one is when we need to send a message.

We probably want to keep the email address field on contact and use that as the primary address (which outbound emails go to) and have a new table for aliases/secondary addresses which the inbound lookup work against?
2009-09-07 20:26   
I was also thinking along those lines Paul, I had in mind the MSN/AOL fields that we keep getting requests to expand upon too. I think maybe these will come more easily once I code the user and contact preferences tables. While additional fields aren't exactly preferences, they could be added in the same way.

We may be able to do this in a way that lets us add custom fields in future too, another much requested feature.