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0000930SiT!noticespublic2009-09-08 09:372009-09-11 16:12
0000930: NOTICE_INCIDENT_ASSIGNED has wrong name
When a call is reassigned from user A to user B the notice appears in user A's list and the notice says "reassigned to A" it also sends the email to user A

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2009-09-08 09:52   
Have you reproduced this with 3.50 code? Could have sworn the same bug got fixed last release.
2009-09-08 10:38   
Just tried this with the latest 3.x branch and can confirm the problem of the wrong name appearing in the notice is still present:

Settings | DismissLow priority incident 2 - test2 logged by Forename Surname of Test Site has been assigned to Administrator - View Incident (Today @ 9:35am)

It was assigned to a user called "Paul Heaney" by the user named "Administrator"
2009-09-11 16:12   
I can confirm this.