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0000947SiT!otherpublic2009-09-17 15:382013-01-05 16:01
0000947: New feature - Notice of update available
SiT downloads a file (.xml) from the internet
if $version > $local_version put a notice for admin that an update is awailable, the same notices as the new notes after an update.

This checking should be able to be turned off, and set interval when to check.

If this is easily done, this could be implemented in 3.x branch
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2009-09-17 17:10   
The RSS Feed plugin comes with a default feed to look for new SiT versions, but I've been reluctant to add an automatic updates check feature because many people consider that to be "Phoning home" and a big no-no for an open source app.

Maybe if was something that required the user to click 'Check for updates' it might not be so bad.

What do other people think?
2009-09-17 18:35   
I dunno, piwik and wordpress to name two let you know when there's an update available.
2009-09-23 15:36   
So does phpbb2 and phpbb3

and actually several other opensource sites does this.

Perhaps turning it off as default, but during installation asking the admin to put a checkmark if it needs to be turned on.

then it's a human choice to have it enabled :-)

and I think it's great with the RSS feeds, but if the admin thinks they are not usable then she turns off the rss.
2009-09-23 20:47   
I agree this would be useful though the notice should obviously only go to admins.
2010-02-20 13:39   
We discussed this in IRC and decided to have a scheduled task disabled by default that an admin can enable
2013-01-05 16:01   
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