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0000950SiT!feedbackpublic2009-09-19 20:472011-06-03 22:24
0000950: Allow summary of Feedback text and export to CSV
There is an option to summarise Feedback by User, Product, Site etc... in the REPORTS menu. However once a client generates any text comments in a Feedback Form, they are all but lost unless you look for them manually.

I have created a Feedback Form that has a couple of questions, with a 1-7 rating. Under that however there is a simple "comment" text box.

There is no way of summarising the comments (by date, and Contact), and the data including ratings cannot be exported in any way.

I know reports are coming under scrutiny on a regular basis, and this is one I would definately like to see for my own application.
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2009-09-19 23:31   
Thanks, yes I agree it would be a good idea for a report to show these things. I don't really know when we'll be looking at creating new reports, but this is one we should have on the list.
2011-06-03 22:24   
Sorry this one didn't get confirmed before 3.90 feature freeze so i'm deferring it to 4.0. Apologies, I know this a very old report now.