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0000096SiT!billingpublic2008-07-16 08:352009-07-25 13:06
0000096: Activities and timezones
I created an activity with a server tz of UTC+2 and a user profile of UTC, the js clock didn't count up so I tried changing my profile tz to UTC+2. The js clock didn't start but when I finished it, it reported it as being negative time.

Activity page:
ID Start Date Completed Duration Last Updated Owner Action
5 Monday @ 11:52am Monday @ 10:54am 0 Minutes Monday @ 11:54am Administrator
Total: 00:00:00:00

Incident log:
Duration: -58 minutes
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related to 0000805confirmed  Times in adding activities are not showing correctly 
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2008-07-16 11:30   
This only seems to occur if the server time is an offset to UTC and the correct timezone isn't set in the timezone, not entirely sure if this is a bug in this case?