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0000960SiT!incidentspublic2009-09-22 22:022010-07-03 16:35
0000960: Ability to merge incidents (not just associate them)
We sometimes have cases that are linked but after some history, it is difficult o follox the case as you have to switch between 2 incidents. It would be nice to have a "merge" sort of feature to merge the 2 incidents and close 1 of them after the merge.

I know it is a long shot but could be a nice feature.
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I've been thinking vaguely along these lines for a while now, as something that would be nice to have. Thanks for putting this as a feature request, good to know that other people want this too.
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Not sure of the benefit of merging incidents, surly you just close one an continue in the other one? If we did merge them how would we merge them without making the log so impossible to read? We would also only want to be able to merge incidents from the same contact
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Hi All,

I think the idea is to be able to link cases that are not only related, but are about exactly the same problem. We have cases (it happens here) that were logged by 2 different contacts to different engineers, and it turned out that they are the same case. Now we have 2 support contacts that are responding to 2 incidents. For the engineer eventually in charge it is very difficult to manage the 2 cases side by side.

We believe:

Merging should be able to be "disabled" in config
Should be a "permission" (not for everyone as you can imagine)

and when emails are from a merged case they should show up (maybe with a note in the heading) highlighted.

The idea is indeed to close the one when merging with the other.

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may be merged incidents must name a 'Problem' and there must be separate menu 'Problems'?
or may be it would be helpfull to associate incidents with tasks? in this case Tasks can be used insted of problems.