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0000961SiT!incidentspublic2009-09-22 22:052009-09-24 08:18
0000961: Ability to hide SiT case updates like "reassigned to .."
In some cases that have been going a while, it becomes difficult to follow the history with all the "assigns" and reassigns" in the case .. I believe we need a way to hide those .. maybe choosable by the engineer profile as it is a preference that is not shared by all.
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2009-09-23 12:08   
Thanks. I've been holding off with these kinds of requests for a while since we don't have a good way of storing user preferences. But a proper user-preferences system is planned now so... yep good one!
2009-09-23 20:36   
Not sure about hiding this updates as they really should contain some text as to why the incident has been reassigned. Though if we do decide to hide then (on a per user basis) we should only hide the ones with no text and we should probably include some kind of icon around the point of re-assign to show its been reassigned?
2009-09-24 07:49   
may be there must be a button to hide\unhide reassigments
2009-09-24 08:18   
Hi All,

Paul, I tend to agree with you but here i was just speaking about the automatic reassignments made when a user marks himself "on holiday" or something like that. If you have case that has been going for a long time, all "assignment/reassignments" made when the engineer goes on leave, makes it very difficult to follow especially for the replacing engineer that does not know the history.

We don't do a lot of reassignments manually, but i agree that those ones (with text) should maybe not be hidden as they can be pertinent to the case history.

and as far as the second comment from sancho78rus, it is a good point but in this case we should do both maybe ... a button in the incident window ... and a user preference as well ..