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0000971SiT!inbound emailpublic2009-10-02 10:282009-10-15 21:55
0000971: Make it possible to change the "reason text" in the holding queue from a plugin,
While developing our auto create plugin we found it necessary to be able to change the "reason text" depending on the script we created.

We need a way to make this a variable so as not to have to change the actual inbound script each time.
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2009-10-07 12:39   
As a temporary measure i have changed the the inboundemail script as follows:
At line 395 AND 471 added:

//new call
if (!$GLOBALS['plugin_reason']) $reason = $SYSLANG['strPossibleNewIncident'];
else $reason = $GLOBALS['plugin_reason'];

And then changed lines 425 and 475:
$sql .= "'".mysql_real_escape_string($reason)."', '{$contactid}' )";

All that remains now is to set the global inside the code of yourplugin like this:
$GLOBALS['plugin_reason'] = "Because i want a different reason"

Let me know what you think of that as a permanent solution.
2009-10-07 13:51   
We can do this as a solution for now and improve upon it later, feel free to commit this. thanks.
2009-10-07 15:07   
Fixed for now by a solution to be improved on later.

In SVN Branches/3.x Revision 5930