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0000976SiT!reportspublic2009-10-08 20:212010-03-27 12:30
3.60 LTS3.60 LTS 
0000976: Save as CSV request in Incident Duration report causes error
In the "Average Incident Duration" report if you select the SAVE AS CSV link underneath the statistics, the following error is generated as the actual file:

<p class='warning'>Warning [2]
Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in D:\Websites\\httpdocs\lib\ @ line 7778 sit_error_handler() create_report()

Excel correctly opens with the downloaded file, but the above error is the content of the first Cell.
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duplicate of 0001015closed paulh The csv export function does not work in the report "average incident duration" 
png report_screengrab.png (64,500) 2009-10-08 20:41
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2009-10-08 20:34   
Is that with a completely blank database or is that with some incidents?

I haven't looked yet but that's the kind of error that happens when trying to loop over an empty dataset.
2009-10-08 20:42   
Definately a populated data set, because the summary shows the proper Average Duration (which incidentally appears to now be fixed in this release - used to summarise the wrong month). I've attached a screengrab of the data. Nothing confidential on the image to worry about, but feel free to delete if you are concerned about the content.

2009-10-08 21:14   
unable to reproduce this exact error on my system here though do get a problem I think is related/the cause of this, when I try and download a CSV report I get an empty file.
2010-03-21 14:32   
fixed in 3.6 (See related bug 1015), this will be released end of this mornth