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0001043SiT!incidentspublic2010-01-15 19:362012-01-24 13:11
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Summary0001043: Consider changing how search works
DescriptionWe should consider changing how the search functionality in SiT works, currently we use full text searches which are fine in relatively small systems though in larger systems can cause quite a performance overhead on the database server, are limited to MyISAM tables and requirements for a lock can mean that other users are unable to use SiT whilst the search takes place.

We should investigate the use of something like Lucene or Sphinx which are separate search engines which should remove/reduce the problems we experience with full text indexes, I've not used these previous so may not be suitable due to platforms or how they work though this should be investigated to prevent performance issues.

A 'hack' would be to use a slave server for searches which would prevent other users from being impacted this could be done quite easily in SiT though would require additional servers and MySQL skills.
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ivan (administrator)
2010-01-15 19:54

Probably worth mentioning on the dev mailing list or the forum and then making a bug here when something is decided really. Full text searching can have it's issues, but it's also extremely useful. I think currently the good outweighs the bad, but yeah I agree it's worth investigating alternatives.
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paulh (administrator)
2010-01-15 20:04

I'll send something to the dev list shortly, I'm not proposing that we loose the functionality in SiT just change how we achieve it.

I know we're experiencing quite a few 'hangs' of SiT internally when someone does a full text search happens a couple of times a week hence why I logged it
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nicdev (developer)
2010-01-19 14:06

I think we should have a "tickbox" in the search page for someone who specifically wants to use full text search (thus disabled by default). When you want to do full text search you just tick the box and then you go.

Our system is not very big (yet) so the effect is not so evident, but the full text search is very useful to have.
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ivan (administrator)
2012-01-24 13:11

I don't see a great demand for this. Search seems to work for me... It could be a lot better of course but I'm not sure some heavyweight third party software is the best solution. Unless we propose a plugin or something.

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