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0001115SiT!incidentspublic2010-03-04 06:542010-03-21 13:43
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PlatformWindowsOSOS Version
Product Version3.51 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001115: Editor for time to next action
Description3) Time format (when choose Until specific date and time) dont match config options (Date and Time format or Short time format). We have 24-hour format in config and sit shows 12-hour format there.

And I think that it would be better to type in time manual because there are small choise of times in list (for examle, i cannot set time to 10:50, but we often use it).

Also i have some suggestions to manage time and date fields (see attach) as we use it now.
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Attached Filesjpg file icon Untitled-1.jpg [^] (11,670 bytes) 2010-03-04 06:54

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duplicate of 0000565closedpaulh Next action oddities and ie7 
related to 0001222resolvedpaulh time to next action limited to 8 - 5 

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paulh (administrator)
2010-03-04 19:42
edited on: 2010-03-04 19:46

Hi sancho78rus,

Thanks for this, would it be possible in future to log seperate bugs for each issue (just makes things easier to see)

As for this one:

1) Need to repro this in IE, don't have a machine with IE8 at hand will look at tomorrow (hopefully)
2) This is an existing issue (Mantis 0000020) targeted for 3.60
3) Which page is this one?

sancho78rus (reporter)
2010-03-04 19:52

ok. i'll post separate reports in next time.
1) i can give you RDP access to our server with ie8 and you can run SiT demo
2) ok. i was trying to find it and i can't. but are you talking about translation or date format?
3) screenshot made from our software (our programmers made it 3 years ago and we using it now). I suggest to use this in sit.
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paulh (administrator)
2010-03-21 13:23

565 is a dupe of point 1, still an issue in ie7 and ie8
User avatar (0002794)
paulh (administrator)
2010-03-21 13:42

1) (Mantis 0000656) resolves this
2) (Mantis 0000020) resolves this
3) Agree this would be useful, confirming in a moment

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