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0001685SiT!userspublic2011-08-12 10:042011-09-04 20:45
Assigned Toivan 
PlatformLinuxOSLinuxOS Version2.6+later
Product Version3.64 LTS 
Target Version3.65 LTSFixed in Version3.65 LTS 
Summary0001685: Cannot edit user email
DescriptionIf a mistake is made entering a user's email address it cannot be subsequently edited. This may not be noticed for months until the user needs to reset their password at which point they cannot receive the reset email.

At this point, they cannot reset their password and neither can an administrator reset it for them. The admin can also not edit the email address in their record nor can they delete the user so as to recreate them.

The only thing that can be done to get a reset password mail delivered to the user is to go into the database and hand edit their record so as to change the email address.
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? file icon user_profile_edit.php [^] (20,069 bytes) 2011-08-12 11:10

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martian (reporter)
2011-08-12 11:02

Note from IRC:

<martian_> it's when *I* am logged on as an ldap user (admin) I cannot edit the email
<martian_> when I log on with my SiT username I can

So the issue only affects the LDAP admin who is editing users
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ivan (administrator)
2011-08-12 11:09

Looks like the code checks the source in the users session rather than the source of the user being edited, so if the user who is doing the editing has a source of LDAP he/she will not be able to edit some fields of another users profile.
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ivan (administrator)
2011-08-12 11:11

I've attached a file user_profile_edit.php to this bug report, can you make a backup of your existing file and then try putting this one into your SiT! folder to see if it fixes the problem?
martian (reporter)
2011-08-12 11:47

The new user_profile_edit.php fixes the edit problem
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ivan (administrator)
2011-08-12 12:02

Fixed in svn r7252 and Git 9419228:

We now check the user source as stored in the database rather than the user session because user_profile_edit can be used by administrators to edit other users, it's not soley used for editing your own profile.
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ivan (administrator)
2011-09-04 20:45

Fix released in v3.65

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