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0001934SiT!notificationspublic2014-05-06 08:492014-05-06 15:08
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Summary0001934: new held email template produces broken link
Descriptionthe new held email (holding queue) produces the following body

There's a new email in the holding queue. You can view it at: http:///holding_queue.php [^]

Which is missing the server name etc from the URL
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related to 0001263confirmed NOTICE_NEW_HELD_EMAIL trigger dont work 

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paulh (administrator)
2014-05-06 15:01
edited on: 2014-05-06 15:03

This fails due to the application_url function in lib/ thinking $CONFIG['application_uriprefix']) is empty and trying to use $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] which obviously isn't set as this is being called from a cron job

Though this config option is set

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paulh (administrator)
2014-05-06 15:08

On further investigation $CONFIG['application_uriprefix']) wasn't actually set in the DB or the config file even though the config pages showed it as set, this is because core.php trys to get this and set the config vari