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Summary0001994: Population Growth
DescriptionIt is believed that the increase in living standards and the growth of the culture are accompanied by declining birthrate. A better health care leads to the reduction in mortality. While in the developing countries, mortality has decreased, the birth rate continues to increase. If the current rate of growth will remain at the same level, by the end of the next millennium, the world’s population could reach 500 billion. There are not enough space and natural resources on Earth for so many people. Many scientists believe that in the near future, the population of our planet will stabilize. To my mind, this can be done through a conscious birth control.
The question of regulating population became rather urgent. At the beginning of the XIX century, British economist Malthus found that the human population increases exponentially and calculated the amount of food for people by the arithmetic. He and his followers believed that the only way to improve the well-being of the population is to reduce its numbers by wars, epidemics of cholera, and the plague. Modern Malthusians require compulsory measures to reduce fertility in the developing countries by family planning.
Therefore, mankind currently faces the problem of population growth and limited water, land, energy, raw materials, and food resources making a heavy human impact on the environment. This creates a situation of global ecological crisis which could lead to serious consequences for humanity.
The most effective way to reduce the human impact on the environment is the organization of closed chains and cycles of production which include the recycling of production and consumption as well as re-use of natural resources in the production. An example of this is the use of waste water in production after it.The other measure is: the transition from the simple use of resources to the cycles which include: the reproduction of resources, replacement of certain other resources, bringing less environmental damage, use of resource-saving technologies of production as well as technologies that cause less damage to the natural environment.
Indeed, one of the causes of pollution of the environment is inefficient and wasteful use of natural resources. The main way to improve production efficiency in environmental compliance is a resource.
For example, Japan is now implementing a program of transition from technology to exploit the technology interacting with nature. This will help achieve harmony in the relationship between the society and nature.
Thus, until now, the main task is to eliminate the environmental damage caused by human mismanagement of farm management. It has now become clear that the restoration of natural resources should be carried out in the course of human economic activity. This helps to prevent damage to the environment.
As for me, the best way to ensure a decent quality of life for my generation in nearest 30 years from now is to control birth control through government programs and explanation of this issue to the community. Also, the development and widespread use of technologies for reuse of raw materials will bring a lot of benefits.

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Emily works as an editor at [^] She directly participates in editing and supplementing interesting and unique works for any student, ensuring their correctness and relevance. Emily studied at the Faculty of Philology and holds a master's degree
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