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0000302SiT!otherpublic2008-12-09 16:222012-01-24 13:02
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Summary0000302: MOTD functionality
DescriptionWould be good if SiT has a message of the day functionality, possibility available as an RSS feed in addition to via SiT?

This allows one place to look for system information and they could see the MOTD before they logged an incident.

i.e. userA cant get to their email when they visit the portal to log an incident they can see the mail server is down between 5 and 6 so they dont need to log a incident.
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User avatar (0000312)
ivan (administrator)
2008-12-09 16:34

Do 'notices' not provide this info? I know theres no RSS feed for those at the moment...
User avatar (0000315)
paulh (administrator)
2008-12-09 16:57

Notices provide a very basic version of this.

I'm thinking something something based around tasks? So you could more updates and details about an issue e.g.:

Entry1: mailserver4 reporting problems
Entry2: mailserver4 rebooted, all should be back shorty
Entry3: mailserver4 running slowly whilst backlog processed
Entry4: mailserver4 ok now
User avatar (0000427)
ivan (administrator)
2009-01-07 22:12

Do you mean some kind of server status log within SiT?

I don't think I'm 100% understanding what you mean.

Sorry for the months lag btw, just catching up with all these bugs needing feedback.
User avatar (0000706)
ivan (administrator)
2009-03-04 18:15

This might be best implemented as a plugin, I can see it's useful but not to everybody perhaps.
User avatar (0001411)
ivan (administrator)
2009-07-26 14:49

Reminder sent to: paulh

I can see "Message of the Day" type notices being useful, we could have a type that showed on the front login page of SiT!. But I'm unsure about the history or being based around tasks. I don't think I quite understand.

Can you provide more info?
User avatar (0001435)
paulh (administrator)
2009-07-26 19:43

I think you should have the option of displaying this on either the login screen, the portal or both.

Ideally you would like admins to be able to dismiss them when there finished with rather than requiring users.

The reason I suggested using tasks rather than notices where so you can add to them as you get updates e.g. initially, the mail server is down - we're investigating

Then you can updated it, "hardware problem found, hardware should be replaced in the next 15mins"

Then "Server back up, running checks. should be available in 30mins"

Then "Email working again now"

Hope that makes sense
User avatar (0001439)
ivan (administrator)
2009-07-27 12:01

Hmm yeah it does make more sense now, but that's delving into a whole area of server management that is beyond what SiT is for IMO.

Sending notices is one thing, but keeping a history of server status's, I think that's pushing the envelope a bit far. Screams Plugin to me.

I think personally the best way to progress this is to do two things,

a) make notices able to go on the front page and the plugin, and have the ability to recall them (some of that code already there I think).

b) make a plugin that keeps server history and publishes updates in the form of notices.

User avatar (0004420)
ivan (administrator)
2012-01-24 13:02

Great idea and potentially useful but perhaps not core.

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